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About Us

This was the beginning of newspapers Subhash dobariya in 2008. The monthly magazine of the newspaper was in the beginning, but became a weekly newspaper in 2012 while changing it. The main objective of this paper was to deliver the news to more and more people. But it is difficult to bend to meet the rising costs of printing and paper. The company decided to bring prevention of these problems with the help of Android application and website in 2016, taking advantage of the digital revolution. This step of the company proved to be of great importance in the move towards his goal. Subhash dobariya for the development of the newspapers are forever grateful to those whose Nimesh Ajmera, Alpesh pidhadiya, Arti baraiya, vinod Parmar, Jaideep Joshi, Shivraj khachar, Bhavesh vyas, Bhavesh jalu, dr.sailesa Mehta, Sanjay Shah, rajabha Hada, Mohsin dalal , Ramesh jesani, Suman Rathod, Manish majethiya, Rajesh jalu, anu kathiriya, many individuals like Payal dharanidhar, Ashwin Parmar. Then, walk about, the list is very long.

Vision and mission of the company

Each journalist can express their own ideas and the truth of the event. Is disappearing under the administrative structures, which are some of the events of the world to give you an opportunity to bring to society events

Who has spent his whole life to journalism as a revenue source for the journalists. To help as much as possible to give more protection to journalists




(publisher and owner of ‘AT THIS TIME’)


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